About Us

Our  hotel  is  a  family  concern & managed  by  Ruwan Perera. Opened  its  doors  to  our local  guests  on  the  21st of July 2002 in  a very  low profile with only  3 standard rooms.

The  dream  of  a  eco  friendly  hotel  by  Ruwan  Perera  has  now  come  alive  &  within  the  past  7 years it has  grown  to  a extent  beyond  anticipation. According  to  Ruwan Perera  the  secret  behind  the  hotel  successes is  the possibility of identifying  his  guEsts requirements  which has been  gained through  his  15  years  of marketing  experience  which  has  taken  him  all  around  the  country.

He  wish  to  make  special thanks to  the senior management  of  Associated  Motorways & Penthouse group & also  Yamaha motor co. ltd. Japan (OMDO) management &  the staff between 1998-2008 from  whom he  has gained many  more experience in top management & administration.

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Address :

Kumbukgahawatta Hotel
184 F - Mahavihara Road
Sri Lanka

Tel: 0094 38 4283070

Mobile: 0094 77 6628730

E Mail : ruwaneco@sltnet.lk